Champiro UHP1 is a proven ultra-high performance tire designed and performs to levels expected of summer only tires in stability, control, turn-in, and grip in the curves in both wet and dry.


The Champiro SX2 is an Extreme Performance Summer tire developed for enthusiasts who want higher levels of traction, response and driving control in dry and wet conditions. With an extremely aggressive tread design and high-grip compound, the Champiro SX2 is suitable for both track and street use

For those performance-minded individuals with sports cars, the ultra high performance Champiro HPY uses an advanced asymmetrical tread pattern and full silica tread compound for outstanding cornering ability in wet and dry conditions.

Champiro UHPAS is an all season tire for vehicle owners requiring ultra-high performance or grand touring (luxury performance) tires. The Champiro UHPAS delivers excellent staight-line stability, cornering grip, and braking capabilities, in both dry and wet conditions, as well as handling and grip in light snow.


The new Maxtour LX delivers premium ride comfort and all season performance with a 70,000 mile tread life warranty. With fitments for the most popular passenger cars and CUVs, Maxtour LX features full depth sipes for excellent traction in wet and even light snow conditions. Drive in peace with the Harmonically Optimized Pitch Sequencing design, which limits road noise for the life of the tire. With a 30 Day Test Drive Guarantee, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance and Road Hazard Warranty included, you can enjoy worry-free luxury performance with the Maxtour LX.

Champiro Touring A/S is an all-season touring tire designed for the latest passenger cars and crossover vehicles. It combines precise handling and control for a quiet and comfortable ride. Backed by a 60,000 mile limited warranty, the new Champiro Touring A/S also delivers great mileage for an outstanding value.

MAXTOUR All Season is a premium passenger tire offering outstanding mileage, improved all season performance and a quiet and comfortable ride. Backed by a 60,000 mile warranty, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance and a Road Hazard Warranty, you can drive with ease of mind when you're on MAXTOUR All Season.


The new generation Savero HT2 premium all-season tire is for SUV and light truck owners who really enjoy driving; the tire’s tread pattern design provides unparalled handling and control in wet and dry conditions.

The Adventuro AT3 is an all terrain tire designed for light truck and SUV drivers wanting aggressive looks with civilized on-road manners. The Adventuro AT3 provides excellent handling and wet grip, with a comfortable ride on-road, and superb off-road capability

The new Maxmiler Pro is designed for today’s light commercial vehicles like Ford Transit, Nissan NV and RAM ProMaster. This durable tire is built to carry the heavy loads of compact and full-size multi-purpose vans. The tread pattern delivers all season performance for highway use with the toughness needed for off -road driving near the job site. Maxmiler Pro—your partner in business to get the job done.

If you’re towing a boat or another prized possession, you want the Maxmiler ST tire for optimum stability and reliability.


Adventuro AT-AW is an all terrain tire developed for light truck drivers looking for off road capabilities and aggressive looks together with civilized on-road manners. Meeting the industry’s severe snow service requirement and branded with the mountain/snowflake symbol, the Adventuro AT-AW delivers “all weather” performance. All LT designation sizes feature heavy duty 10-ply construction.

ICEPRO SUV3 is GT Radial’s next generation studdable winter tire with sizes for pickup trucks and SUV’s. It features a high-volume 150 pin hole distribution throughout the tread to maximize ice traction and braking. ICEPRO SUV3 can be used with or without studs and is designed to provide excellent grip and handling in extreme winter conditions while reducing on road noise.

The Champiro IcePro 2 is a studdable winter tire designed to provide maximum traction for light trucks in snow and ice.

WinterPro HP is GT Radial's Performance Winter tire developed to meet the needs of drivers who want to retain the handling and precision of their high and ultra high performance sports cars, sedans, or coupes during winter conditions.

WinterPro2 is GT Radial's new studless winter tire with fitments for passenger and crossover vehicles. Featuring an innovative tread pattern design and new tread compound, it is designed to provide optimal wet and ice performance and excel in snow and dry road conditions.

The Savero WT is a nonstuddable winter tire made specifically for SUVs and crossover vehicles.

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Ultra High Performance

Champiro UHP1 is a proven ultra-high performance tire designed and performs to levels expected of summer only tires in stability, control, turn-in, and grip in the curves in both wet and dry.

Wet Handling Handling Asymmetrical UHP

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Rim Sizes:
Aspect Ratio:
Section Width: mm
Speed Rating:

View Tread Features:



+ Strong integrated shoulder blocks + Improved cornering force and traction
+ High Silica content tread formula + Improves wet and dry handling
+ Four deep, wide circumferential grooves + Ensures efficient water dispersion and wet performance
+ Center rib design + Ensures linear stability and crisp steering response
+ Optimized pitch variance tread design + Reduces tire noise level for quieter ride
Item Number Tire Size LI SR UTQG Measuring
Max. Load Overall Diameter Tread Depth Side
Lbs Kg inch mm 32nd mm

5 Year Warranty

This Limited Warranty Policy and Procedures applies to all new consumer (PCR/LTR) tires purchased on or after January 1, 2012, sold or distributed under the GT Radial brand bearing the corresponding D.O.T. tire identification number.

To be eligible, the tire must meet the following criteria:

  • Purchased in the United States or Canada
  • Operated under normal service conditions and used on the same vehicle on which originally  installed and according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Tire is correct size and load rating for the make and type of vehicle
  • Tire used on road surfaces for which the tire is designed
  • Tire not subject to an exclusion (see Section “What is not covered by the Standard Limited Warranty”)

What is covered by the Standard Limited Warranty

Upon examination by the GT Radial representative, any eligible GT Radial tire that has become unusable due to a condition attributable to materials and/or workmanship within 60 months from the date of manufacturing of the tire (DOT), and before wearing down to 2/32 inch (1.6 mm) of the original tread depth remaining, and not subject to the exclusions in section “What is not covered by the Standard Limited Warranty”, will be replaced with an equivalent new GT Radial product on the basis set forth in this Limited Warranty.

Adjustment on ride comfort or out-of-round is allowed only during the first 2/32 inch of the original tread depth and within 12 months from the date of purchase (whichever comes first) supported with proof of purchase.

Any GT Radial tire that satisfies the above conditions which has become unusable due to defective materials and/or workmanship will be replaced free of charge through a GT Radial Authorized Dealer. The cost of mounting and balancing and other service charges, disposal fees, or applicable taxes are payable by the consumer (i.e. vehicle owner / end user).

Any GT Radial tire that has been worn beyond the first 2/32 inch of the original usable tread depth which is adjusted under this Standard Limited Warranty due to defective materials and/or workmanship will be replaced with an equivalent new GT Radial product subject to a pro-rated charge through a GT Radial Authorized Dealer. The cost of mounting, balancing, and other service charges, disposal fees, or applicable taxes are payable by the consumer.

What is not covered by the Standard Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty does not apply to consumer (PCR/LTR) tires which have become unserviceable under (but not limited to) the following conditions:

  • Incorrect size or load rating for the vehicle
  • Road hazard injury (e.g., a cut, snag, bruise, impact damage or puncture)
  • Improper use or operation, including: improper inflation pressure, overloading, curbing,  use of improper rim or wheel, improper mounting or demounting, tire/wheel spinning, misuse, misapplication, negligence, tire alteration, or use in competition or racing
  • Use in commercial applications for tread wear
  • Improper maintenance of tire, wheel, or vehicle components: misalignment, imbalance,  worn components, or other vehicle conditions, characteristics or defects
  • Highway tires that are operated in on-off highway applications
  • Tires subjected to severe under-inflated or run-flat conditions
  • Improperly repaired tire
  • Uneven or rapid wear which is caused by mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment, (measured tread difference of 2/32 inch or more across the tread on  the same tire)
  • Accident, fire, chemical corrosion, tire alteration or vandalism
  • Flat spotting caused by improper storage or brake lock
  • Contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, solid or gaseous  materials other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide (for example, water based sealers or  balancing substances)
  • Ozone or weather checking after 48 months from manufacturing date
  • With the serial number buffed, cut or illegible
  • Purchased or used outside the United States or Canada
  • With less than 2/32nds of an inch remaining tread in any groove
  • With a ride complaint that occurs after the first 2/32nds of tread wear
  • Damaged through use of any tube or flap
  • Damaged through improper use of tire chains

Owner’s Obligation

To make an eligible claim for the 5 Year Limited, Mileage, and Road Hazard Warranties:

  • The owner must rotate the tires in accordance with prescribed rotation patterns as recommended by either the vehicle manufacturer or GT Radial
  • Owner is responsible for proper maintenance of tire and vehicle, and maintaining proper tire pressure
  • When making a claim, the owner must present the tire(s) to be adjusted, with an original sales invoice showing the tire description, mounting mileage, and the date the tire(s) were installed, to an authorized GT Radial retailer. Once replaced, the tire(s) adjusted become property of GT Radial
  • Owner is responsible for paying all applicable taxes
  • Owner is also responsible for paying local tire-disposal fees and any parts or service, regardless of mileage or months of service. This includes payment for tire rotation, alignment, towing, road service, valve stems and tire repairs
  • No claim will be recognized unless submitted on a GT Radial claim form

* While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this information, GT Radial cannot be held responsible for inaccuracy or change. All statements are believed to be correct but are not to be regarded as statements or representations of fact. All information, specifications and plan herein contained are subject to change from time to time by GT Radial and cannot form part of an offer or contract. Renderings, photographs and illustrations are artist's impressions only and cannot be regarded as representations of fact.