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The new IcePro LT3 is designed for the harshest winter conditions. The rugged tread pattern features dual traction lugs, optimized locking sipes and channel traction edges to ensure the IcePro LT3 has excellent winter performance with or without studs. The icicle sidewall design will look great on your truck or SUV. Whether you are plowing your driveway, going off-road to the jobsite or driving on the highway, the IcePro LT3 will help you get the job done safely this winter.

Rim Sizes: 15-18/20

Aspect Ratio: 65-80

Section Width: 225-275

Speed Rating: Q/R

M+S Rated: Yes

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Tire SizeLI/SR (s/d)Item NumberMeasuring RiminchRim Width RangeinchMax. Load (s/d)lbsMax. Load (s/d)kgMax. PressurepsiMax. PressurekpaTread Depth32ndTread DepthmmOverall DiameterinchOverall DiametermmSection WidthinchSection Widthmm Weightlbs WeightkgSidewallLoad Designation
6.06.0 - 7.02680/24701215/112029.37448.822334.915.8
7.06.5 - 8.03042/27781380/126030.57749.824840.218.2
7.06.5 - 8.03000/27551360/125030.67769.824838.517.5
8.07.0 - 8.53195/29101450/132031.780410.727242.519.3
7.06.5 - 7.53195/29101450/132031.58009.824839.517.9
6.56.0 - 7.53085/28351400/128531.88089.323538.617.5
8.07.5 - 9.03415/30851550/140032.181511.027944.220.0
8.07.0 - 9.03525/31951600/145032.682910.727244.220.1
8.07.0 - 8.53640/33051650/150033.284311.027946.120.9
8.07.5 - 9.53750/34151700/155034.186611.027951.123.2

GT Radial reserves the right to change the construction, materials or specifications without notice or obligations.

Features & Benefits

  • Square Shoulder Design Increased tread depth in the shoulder for better traction and durability
  • Optomized Locking Sipes Provides stiffness for cornering yet flexible for winter traction
  • Channel Traction Edges Improves grip in deep snow conditions
  • Dual Traction Lugs Grouped lugs in the central zone create more open areas for maximum winter performance
  • Staggered Continuous Center Rib Large biting edges to increase winter grip

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