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Made In America

Chester County, South Carolina

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Adventuro ATX

On / off road all-terrain

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Champiro SX2 RS

Extreme performance summer

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Maxtour LX

Grand touring & cuv all-season

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Adventuro HT

Highway all-season

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Street Cred. Full Stop.

Whether sticking the corners or swooshing through the countryside in quiet luxury—or a little of both—there is a GT Radial performance tire that meets your needs. Give you and your beloved car a sporty edge.

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Efficient and Reliable.

When it comes to our full range of all-season GT Radial tires, our drivers appreciate the long treadwear, fuel efficiency, and dependable year-round traction—not to mention having a few extra dollars in their pocket.

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Unparalled Handling and Control.

For the great adventures in life—whether it's picking up the kids at soccer practice or powering through a muddy bog—GT Radial will exceed your expectations. On the road, you can count on superb handling, comfort and ride quality. Off the road, it's all about traction and toughness.

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Enhanced Snow and Ice traction.

When it comes to your active lifestyle, don’t let rain, snow, ice, or slush slow you down. Our GT Radial winter tires feature enhanced snow and ice traction technology to handle anything Old Man Winter throws at you.

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Keeping your business on the road.

Whether you manage a fleet or work in the trades, our tires will keep you rolling. Engineered for durability and reliability, our professional grade tires spare no detail in ensuring your continued success.

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It's your call.

Experience the Performance

30 day test drive

Up to 500 miles or 30 days.

Buy a set of the GT Radial tires, and try them on your car or light truck.

Experience the performance of GT Radial tires for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied, just return them to the dealer where you bought them. Your GT Radial dealer will replace the tires or refund the purchase price-it's your call.

Satisfaction guaranteed


Secure travel.

Experience the Performance

Road Hazard

Peace of mind when you need it most

With our road hazard warranty, you can rest assured—that unrepaired road won’t win this round.

Whether a cut, tear, impact break or puncture, our warranty replaces that tire and returns your car to where it belongs: on the road.

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Anywhere. Anytime.

Experience the Performance

24hr Assistance

We've got you covered

At GT Radial, we want our customers to feel secure in their car. So when you get stranded, we are there to help.

Our roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the US and Canada.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Test Drive Road Hazard Assistance

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Section Width Section Width How to find your width? This three-digit number represents the width of the tire in millimeters (mm), measured from sidewall to sidewall. Since this measure is affected by the width of the rim, the measurement is done when the tire is on its intended rim size.
Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio How to find your aspect ratio? The aspect ratio is the relationship of a tire's sidewall height to its section width, expressed as a percentage. In this example, the tire sidewall height is approximately 55% of the tire width. The higher the number, the taller the sidewall; the lower the number, the shorter the sidewall.
Rim Diameter Rim Diameter How to find your Rim Diameter? The diameter of the rim in inches.

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